Learn How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages

If your phone has accidentally deleted your messages, or you did it yourself and regret that decision, you can still recover them. I won’t ask the reason but you can learn how to retrieve deleted text messages on pretty much any phone and it doesn’t take and technical jargon or a degree in computers.

In fact even if you can barely work your phone you’re still not dead in the water yet. There’s different things you can try. Each with their advantages and problems. We’re going to rank them from best to worst and keep this updated to give you the best chance of getting your message back.

Best Method: Textrar

best deleted text messageTextrar offers software which basically combines every other method. Split over two separate program’s (three if you count the Mac version I guess) this is as close as it gets to clicking a button and having it done for you. In fact if you’re using an iPhone, Android or Blackberry it pretty much is. It uses some techniques which involves you doing something with the phone itself, but the main scan is click the button and select the messages you want back.

Even if you are pretty comfortable with tech and would manage the rest of the methods just fine this just makes things easier and has the best recovery rates. Even if you know what you’re looking for and manually go through the memory trying to find everything – you can still miss something. Humans get tired and make mistakes, software doesn’t. On top of that it actually supports recovering all sorts of files including media and other instant messages. It’s not just text messages but you can recover – it’s pretty much anything that was on the phone.

If you want to really get a good (almost guaranteed) recovery rate then download the Textrar software and follow the how to retrieve deleted text messages guide to work with the two tools. We’ll cover the other two methods for the sake of completeness but to be honest it’s unlikely you’ll need anything else. The only real time you might want something else is if you’re not using a major brand phone. If you’re using an older generic phone (we’re talking maybe over 5 years old) you might want to try one of the other recovery methods.

Searching Manually

This is the tricky one. You’ll need some technical skills and I won’t be getting into it too much because it’s going to vary pretty wildly between different types of phones. If you’re using something more updated (even the first Android phones or the early iPhone version 1 models are not at the start of this timeline) then you won’t want to do this manually when there’s software, like Textrar, which can do this for you.

But, if you need to, you can look through the phones raw memory by connecting it to the computer and using a file browser. If your phone is so old that it won’t even connect to the computer? Well then we still have one more recovery method we can try.

SIM Card Readers

Note – this is for older phones. It’s very unlikely that the newer phones will really use something like this but it’s worth a try. You can buy a SIM card USB reader (or use an app if you are using a newer phone for whatever reason) and read the data on the SIM card. Older phones used to save SMS data on there but it’s not often you’ll find it there any more. The amount stored depends on how old the SIM is since they did manage to upgrade it over time. But even then, a SIM card can’t hold much and really should be the last fall back in recovering deleted text messages.